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Are you a developer responsible for building authentication and user management for your app? Do you look at passwords and think "I wish we could build something better?"

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Sleek and secure authentication for any app

Passwordless authentication

Customizable user journey flows

Fraud and account takeover prevention

Go live with any passwordless authentication method on your chosen application framework in minutes.

Design tailored journeys for every user interaction using a no-code workflow and login screen builder.

Leverage device fingerprinting to stop attackers from breaking authentication through session theft, credential stuffing, and other exploit methods.

We support your favorite authentication methods

Biometric Authentication (WebAuthn)

Social Login

Magic Links

One-Time Passwords (Email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc.)

Authenticator Apps (TOTP)

SAML Single Sign-On

Descope has been truly set it and forget it for user authentication.

– Head of Engineering, EdTech Company

How we help




Regain developer focus

Accelerate time to value

Retain and delight your end users

Redirect developer resources towards core app initiatives instead of building and maintaining authentication in-house.

Get your app online and get users to your “aha” moments faster and safer than before.

Keep users coming back with seamless authentication that does not impose the cognitive load of creating and remembering passwords.

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